New and renovation projects in South Australia are required to comply with an energy rating system. AA Window and Door Replacement Serrvice Pty Ltd. are able to offer a number of solutions to meet these requirements.

Performance Glass

We can provide single glazed windows and doors fitted with low-e glass in annealed, toughened or laminated form, depending on glazing code requirements. These glasses are available in a range of tint colours. Tinting helps with glare reduction on hot days, but can inhibit warming on sunny winter days.

Double Glazing

The vast majority of our products can incorporate double glazing. The double glazing units can be made up from combinations of annealed, toughened or laminated glass, depending on glazing code requirements. To achieve higher energy ratings, they can also incorpoate high efficiency (low-e) glass. Our units use argon gas as the seperation medium. As well as keeping heat out in summer and in during winter, thus reducing heating and cooling costs, they also reduce noise ingress.

Design Assistance

Our sales advisors can assist with the selection of the most efficient and economical option for your project.