Commercial Aluminium Sliding doors


  • Commercial Aluminium sliding doors
    The commercial aluminium sliding doors range has been designed with Australia's unique climate and architecture in mind. The door allows Designers and Architects the freedom to achieve large expansive openings without the compromise on performance or aesthetics.
    They can have the sash sliding on the inside or the outside track and have optional flydoor tracking.
  • Apartment Aluminium sliding door
    The Apartment aluminium sliding doors range has also been designed for our unique climate and architecture in mind. With a slimmer look and lower height compared to the Commerial door, it uses smaller outer framing with a built-in flydoor track without the need to add this separately..
    It also has the option of the sash sliding inside or outside with the flydoor being inside if desired.


  • Ability to attach or incorporate all our other products
  • able to be double glazed.
  • large range of optional architectual hardware available.