Commercial Awning/Casement Window

Our range of commercial Awning and Casement windows are ideal for suburban housing, multi-unit residential, hotels and commercial applications. The Awnings and Casements can integrate with a number of Alspec® Commercial Framing systems by using different awning adaptors.
The 35mm and 50mm sashes offer the benefit of overlapping internal and external seals to achieve superior weather performance. The 443 30mm sash sits inset of the framing and can offer a flush appearance.
Various glazing options for single and double glazing are available. All Awnings and Casements can be used with a range of available stays and operated with Chainwinders or Cam handles, locking or non-locking. With the use of our Chainwinder adaptor insect and security screens can easily be added from the inside of
the building.

• Maximum Sash Height: 1800mm
• Maximum Sash Width: 1200mm
• Maximum Glass Thickness: 16mm or 30mm IGU
Compatible Systems
• McArthur Evo 101.6mm Centre Pocket Framing
• Hunter Evo 101.6mm Single Flush Glazed Framing
• Hunter Evo 101.6mm Double Flush Glazed Framing
• ecoFRAMEplus 101.6mm Centre Pocket Double Glazed Framing
• Hunter Evo 150mm Double Flush Glazed Framing
• Hunter Evo 150mm Double Flush Glazed Framing
• Derwent 76mm Centre Pocket Framing
• Ecowall 225 Flush Glazed Framing

Our chainwinder is available in standard or restricted length, depending on the size and application of the sash. These winders have been tried and proven in
commercial applications, such as schools and offices.

• Adjustable chain restrictions to 300mm, 150mm or 100mm
• Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel chain
• Can be wound closed when locked
• 5 disc wafer cylinder
• Foldable handle
• Keyed alike
• Key locking

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