Commercial Bi-fold Doors


As well as our Residential Bi fold doors we also do a full Commercial bi-fold doors which brings the outside look inside as part of your design and feature.

Reaching up to 3 metres high and up to 16 metre wide openings with the use of Centor E2 and E3 stainless steel hardware and able to chose either inward or outward stacking panels.

With a choice of 3 floor sills for weathering performance or zero tripping points for cafe/alfresco dining and NATA tested to AS2047.1999.


  • Ability to double glaze.
  • Panel locking. i.e. flush bolt, key activated locking bolts or slim handle activated and key locking.
  • Bi fold window.
  • Sashless window or louvre inserts.
  • Choice of active panel hardware.