The Centre Pocket Framing System is the most popular and flexible design of the Commerial range. It is availible in two frame depths, 101.6mm x 44.4mm or 150mm x 44.4mm and also two centre double glazed frame depths of 101.6mm x 50mm and 150mm x 50mm. Ideal for shop fronts and the larger windows seen in designer homes. It is widely favoured by architects and designers for a multitude of applications.

The double glazed system is the ideal system principally when energy efficiency is paramount. Its versatility allows countless specifications to be achieved, from standard shopfront applications, through to the most challenging structual and energy requirements.

With the use of heavy duty mullions the 150mm frame can allow heights to reach and exceed 4.0m depending upon wind loading conditions.

In the same size framing we also have front glazing systems which brings the glass in line with the outer side of the framing giving it a new aesthetic look

Suitable for a range of glass thicknesses and incorporating self draining sub sills that solve water leakage problems.

Key Features

  • Sharp unbroken lines
  • Robust fame
  • 4mm up to 12.4mm single glazed or up to 28mm double glazed.
  • various adaptors can be used to add awnings,double hung windows, sliding sashes, sashless windows, louvres and doors.

Commerial Framing

Our framing is WERS rated and meets design standard AS2047.