Hinged Doors


Strong hollow rails, stiles and mid rails give this Hinged Door the edge in strength and serviceability. The french door can be coupled with our other products. Optional mitred door sash is 78mm x 48mm and can be double glazed.


Unique "Z" seals as well as Q'lon seals for the head, sill and stiles provides excellent sealing from the weather.


Rounded rails help to give this door the classy yet structurally sound look. This system is avalible in various glazing options and styles.

Additional Benefits

This system can be individually glazed and is also availible in a federation style. Doors can be opened inwards or outwards with the appropriate sill.


It is not a requirement for hinged doors to be tested in accordance to AS2047. It is an initiative of ours to achieve ratings on air infiltration and water penetration for all window and door products.