Residential Bifold Doors

Bifold Doors in Adelaide

Preparation to make bifold doors in south Australia


Featuring our rounded hollow construction, our residential bi-fold suits door heights up to 3 metres and individual panel widths to 1 metre. Therefore, it offers less interruption to views without sacrificing strength and safety. Quality marine grade stainless steel hardware is used to ensure product longevity and performance in the harshest of conditions.

Weather & Energy

Keeping up with our weather performance, our residential bi-fold doors is ideal for coastal and exposed locations, the bi-fold sill is reversible for inward or outward openings. With modern design utilising quality seals, it ensures our residential bi-fold doors will meet the high demands for energy efficiency and weather performance in today's market.


Our bi-fold doors features a new and fresh approach to bi-fold styling. Hard square edges are eliminated and replaced with more modern rounded door rails and stiles that give that easy clean, smooth and classy appearance.

Additional Benefits

  • Availible with double glazing.
  • Multi point locking hardware for better security.
  • Dust seal on head track reduces wear and corrosion.
  • Available in a low profile sill for easy access applications